The difference between SMD & COB encapsulation
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The difference between SMD & COB encapsulation

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Both SMD led downlight and COB led downlight are available in Lediant. Do you know the difference between them? Let me tell you.

What is SMD? It means surface mounted devices. The LED packaging factory using the SMD process fixes the bare chip on the bracket, electrically connects the two with gold wires, and finally protects it with epoxy resin.SMD uses surface mount technology (SMT), which has a relatively high degree of automation, and has the advantages of small size, large scattering angle, good luminous uniformity, and high reliability.


What is COB? It means chip on board. Unlike SMD, which solders the lamp beads to the PCB, the COB process first covers the placement point of the silicon chip with thermally conductive epoxy resin (silver-doped epoxy resin) on the surface of the substrate. Then the LED chip is adhered to the interconnection substrate with conductive or non-conductive glue through adhesive or solder, and finally the electrical interconnection between the chip and the PCB is realized by wire (gold wire) bonding.


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