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These are related to the led downlight news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in led downlight and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand led downlight market.
  • Trends for Home Lighting in 2023


    In 2023, home lighting will become an important decorative element, because lighting is not only about providing light, but also about creating atmosphere and mood in the home. In the future home lighting design, people will pay more attention to environmental protection, intelligent and personalized aspects. Read More
  • Several Types of Downlights Recommended From Lediant Lighting


    Several Types of Downlights Recommended From Lediant Lighting: Vega-pro high-quality LED downlight Flora 3CCT Changeable Led downlight Nova colour & Wattage switchable 6W/8W Led downlight DEEP & CALIDO low glare ugr13-19 led downlight Read More
  • Downlight Power Cord Anchorage Test From Lediant Lighting


    Lediant has a strict control on the quality of led downlight products. Under ISO9001, Lediant Lighting firmly sticks to the testing and quality inspection procedure to deliver quality products. Today let me introduce the inspection of power cord for you. Read More
  • The Difference Between Lens & Reflector For Led Downlight


    Do you know how to choose lens version or reflector version when using downlight for lighting? For Lens: The light spot is comparatively even. The edge is round and natural in transition. It is not only suitable for basic lighting scenes, but also for scenes with uniform projection. For Reflector: The center spot is more concentrated and the edge is inverted V shape. It is suitable for small side highlighted scenes. Several types of our Lediant Lighting downlights have been designed in both lens & reflector version, such as Nova, Hera and so on. If you are interested, contact us now! Read More
  • 3 Minutes to Learn the Hidden City:Zhangjiagang (The Host City of 2022 CMG Mid-Autumn Festival Gala)


    Have you watched 2022 CMG(CCTV China Central Television)Mid-Autumn Festival Gala? We’re so glad and proud to announce that this year's CMG Mid-Autumn Festival Gala is held in our hometown — the city of Zhangjiagang. Do you know Zhangjiagang? If no, let us introduce!The Yangtze River is a symbol of t Read More
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