Anti Glare Downlights 6W/8W/10W Ip44 Front
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Anti Glare Downlights 6W/8W/10W Ip44 Front

Anti glare downlights with magnetic bezel 5RS219 Hera
Hera anti glare downlights is a perfect combination of our design language and Nordic style. We have specially designed two options for you to choose. Both of them have anti glare features and magnetic bezel with multiple colors. The only difference between them is that their different optical design: Len & Reflector.
  • Domestic Downlights 5RS219 Hera

  • Lediant Lighting

  • 5RS219

Hera is a perfect combination of our design language and Nordic style. Magnetic Bezel with multiple color, whatever color you want, we provide. Die-cast aluminum housing with unique shape design provides not only special visual impression but also good heat dissipation. At front side, we use our patent design-magnetic bezel, so you can change bezel without cutting power or taking the whole fixture down. Still health is what we focus on this fixture. That’s why we use deep reflector&unique-design lens to make it Anti-glare. This model can provide best lighting experience for end-user.


Aluminum die-casting housing

Comfort and uniform light with UGR<17

Restore true colors with CRI>90

IP44 (Front only), Bathroom Zone 1 & Zone 2

Comply with RT2012/RE2020 thermal regulations

Insulation coverable, can be covered with blanket & blown insulation materials

Brand chips available in Bridgelux, Cree, Citizen, Luminus

3CCT version can be Custom-made

Model 5RS219-1 5RS219-2 5RS219-3
Total Power 6W 8W 10W
Size(A×BxC) 75×53x67mm 90x53x82mm 96×53x90mm
Cutout φ 68mm φ 83mm φ 90mm
Im 500-600 Im 650-750 Im 850-950 Im

Hera 6W8W10W anti glare downlights 5RS219.pdf    Hera 8W anti glare downlights 5RS219.pdf

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